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Water Dispenser
image 2 Hot & Cold
designer cab.
image 2 Counter top
Hot & Cold
image 2 Hot, Cold & Room
Large capacity
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Pure Water dispensers with built-in filtration or reverse osmosis are a great source of clean, fresh and healthy drinking water for your home, office, and your commercial facilities. Pure water dispensers eliminate the costs of water delivery, and storing and lifting heavy bottles of water. Pure water dispensers provide hot, cold and room temperature water, and can be connected to your ice maker, coffee stations, etc.

Pure water dispensers come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and features:

Filter Water
Reverse Osmosis

Ultra Violet
Mineral Alkaline Water New
Infra Red Filtration New

just to name a few. . .

For more information and different options, please call our customer service.

image 2 Free Standing Dispensers
image 2 Stander design
image 2 Counter Top Series