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image 2 Automatic Vending machine
image 2 Automatic Single dispenser
image 2 Dual dispensers’ kiosk
image 2

Our free standing water vending machines with built in filtration/UV/or reverse osmosis/ UV, coin and bill acceptor made from fiber glass, heavy duty fiber glass or stainless steel reinforcement, with our without an illuminated sign.

We carry different sizes, shapes and capacities water vending machines.

Single dispenser
Dual dispensers
Quad dispensers

Our window water vending machine or mounting unit comes with built-in final GAC and UV filtration, coin and bill acceptor, and heavy duty stainless steel.

Single dispenser
Dual dispenser

A water vending machine is a great source of revenue with minimal investment and operation involvement.

We built water vending machines based on your specifications, and we offer installation assistance and maintenance program.

Mineral-Alkaline Water Vending Machines are a great source of healthy drinking water and a smart investment for additional revenue.

For more information and free consultation, please call our customer service.