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Thank you for visiting Pure Water 1 web site.

Pure Water 1 is specialized in the field of water treatment technology, water treatment operation and Water treatment maintenance.

Pure Water 1 is a full service water purification company with global distribution & local access.

We’d like to provider sound solution for the needs of water, either as an essence of life or necessity for an industrial operation.

Quality water purification & water treatment equipments are smart investments we can make for health of our family or for running a healthy operation in various industries.

Our goal is to research the latest innovative and cost effective water treatment technology & products that can be implemented as an effective solution in different applications coupled with our customer service and support.

Pure Water 1 put special value on customer service along the process.
We go extra miles to make sure we understand your need, your requirement are fulfilled and provided solution is in full functionality and are satisfactory.

Pure Water 1 makes the process a positive experience and provide after sales support.

Our trained professional team is standing by to assist you with your questions and concerns.

What we sale, we install, and what we install, we maintain. We ship our products almost everywhere in the world and up on your request we can provide installation and maintenance assistance at your site.

Pure Water 1 is an environmentally conscious company with goal of providing green solution to our customers need. With advances in science, water industry has evolved along to meet today’s challenges and needs of environmentally friendly technology that can have an answer to our green way of life.

We diligently pursuing any advancement in green movement in our industry.

From all of us at Pure Water 1 we thank you for visiting our Web Site and we look forward to be of your assistance.

image 2 Capping machine for bottling plant
image 2 Reverses Osmosis product line
image 2 Multi level Process diagram